Keto Diet Cheat Sheet

You are determined to lose weight and keep fit using keto diet. Your goal is clear that you are going to revitalize your body through modification of your energy generation system. You are going to burn the unnecessary fat by training your body use fat, instead of sugar, for energy production.

By doing so, your body undergo a dramatic change, physically and emotionally. To achieve your goal, it is important to have printable sheet in hand so that you could review your progress regularly.

This post is for keto diet beginners. To start keto diet project, you need to have high-level action plan or cheat sheet to make sure that you are in the right track of your keto diet journey. Here are the suggested cheat sheets.

Cheat Sheet 1: Resolve To Change Your Lifestyle

– Keto diet is not short-term diet change and is a long-term, even life-long journey

– It is a life style change

– Believe that the keto lifestyle works

– It is scientifically approved that keto diet is effective for prevention and treatment of many disorders.

– People all over the world have been successfully employing keto diets and you can do it too.

Cheat Sheet 2: Displace, Do Not Replace

– Identify your favorite keto diets

– Gradually add your favorite keto items

– Remove avoided keto food from your diets

– Optimize your keto meals

– Perfect your full keto diets

Cheat Sheet 3: Make The Following Meal Plan Choices

– Focus on fatty food that fits your taste

– Identify the feel fuller for a longer period of time

– Gradually phase out soda

– Gradually phase out grain-based snacks

– Slowly phase out milk-based snacks

Cheat Sheet 4: Wind Down Carbs

– Finalize the keto foods

– Increase your fat intake

– Scale down your carb intake

– Eat more eggs

– Eat more avocado

Cheat Sheet 5: Step Up Keto Diets With The Following New Habits

– Eat only when you’re hungry

– Drink first when you get hunger pangs

– Eat slowly

– Look at each of your meals as some sort of event

– Eat more mindfully

Cheat Sheet 6: Fine-tune Your Keto Diet

– Start to regularize your meal times

– Eliminate or greatly reduce snacking

– Eventually scale down to one or two meals a day

– Scale down to one meal a day: intermittent fasting

– Adopt a day-to-day fasting technique

You may purchase keto diet cheat sheet magnets and stick to your refrigerator as reference: Keto Diet Guide Pack | Keto Cheat Sheet Magnets for Beginners | Ketogenic Diet for Weight loss | Keto Diet 60 Food Macros by KETO GURU”


Thank You very much for reading the entire article and your support. You are truly looking for keto diet information and planning your keto diet journey. You may also interest in the following keto diet topics:


9 thoughts on “Keto Diet Cheat Sheet

  1. This is an extremely useful post on keto diet cheat sheets, and I appreciate you putting this together for us all. These make following the plan you have laid out for yourself much easier and the small size means you can carry them everywhere. I like also the magnet idea.

    Reinforcement is key if you are going to stick with a plan, and having these cheat sheets around to remind you of the goals and how to achieve your desired end state is a great way to make sure that you accomplish that plan to its end state. I also like the catchy phrasing you have used (i.e. displace do not replace)…Easy to remember.

    How long does it take to get these delivered once ordered? I am in Dubai, so depending on where they are printed and the shipping used, I am sure it would be 10-14 days (unless you can get them through Amazon, in which case it might be faster). Great idea, thanks so much! 

    1. Thank you for stopping by. I am so happy to hear that these cheat sheets are useful for you. I started keto diet to lose my belly fat one year ago. It is not a easy path, since I grew up with my main food of rice. I love rice and without rice I always feel I haven’t eaten. For keto diet, rice needs to be completely avoided.

      I don’t replace rice completely at the beginning. Instead, I gradually reduce rice and increase fat food. By now I get used to my menu without rice for weeks and months. I always review these cheat sheets regularly to have brainstorm and modify my diet as necessary.

      There is Amazon Middle East marketplace. You should go to this website instead of If you order through, the shipping price may be higher than the product price. It is not worth it and also as you mentioned it may take several weeks for you to receive the products.

  2. Hi, I read your post and I must commend you for the post. I’m an aspiring keto dieter and I’m trying to garner as much as possible information on the meal plan. Majorly, I want to reduce my weight and eat healthily. Minimising my carbs intake will be the greatest help this diet plan will do for me if I can actually be serious with it. Most of my foods are carbs dominated and I would really be glad if I can eat healthily and balanced rather than consuming only carbs.

    1. It is nice to hear that you plan to try keto diet. Like you, I grew up by consuming a lot of rice, which is not optimal for keto diet. You need to gradually phase carbs out your menu. Take your time and search the best replacement for the carbs. It is hard in the beginning. After you get used to high fat food, you will feel much better. It took me one year to completely phase out carbs in my menu. Good luck with your endeavors!

  3. I’ve heard of the Keto diet many times and have been intrigued.  The main thing that has made me balk is that I figured I would basically have to toss everything in my fridge and start fresh.  I really appreciate that you point out that you can make changes gradually.

    One of the best thing that you note is that this is a lifestyle change.  So many people consider diets to be of limited duration, lose the weight and then go right back to their unhealthy eating habits and then blame it on the diet.  You also provide plenty of common sense eating advice to people that aren’t necessarily on the Keto diet but who wish to eat healthier.  They might seem like common sense but they are very far from common usage.

    Do you have a favourite Keto diet that you can point me to?

    Thank you so much for this very well thought out post!

    1. You are right that everyone is different. You should carefully arrange your own keto diet plan. It is important that don’t completely replace your current diet, but gradually replace carbs with fat food in your own term.

      Change your diets is not a short-term task, but is long-term lifestyle. Take it seriously and plan accordingly.

      I am draft keto diet shopping list and menu plan right now. Soon I will post them in this website. Please come back regularly to get updated keto diet information.

      Gook luck with your efforts!

  4. Excellent selection of cheat sheets here – I’m especially impressed by the sheet/section that highlights the fact that you need to resolve to change your lifestyle, before ANY sort of diet, for it to work correctly. 

    You mention that Keto is scientifically approved to take care of a few disorders – I’m wondering what these disorders are?

  5. Hell there!

    That is really an amazing and helpful article you have there. I cherish articles that centers on the betterment of people’s health because it’s a very important thing for everyone. We can only enjoy living when we have a good health. Those tips on helping one make good diet and enjoy healthy longlife are super amazing and really helpful.


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