Kcancer Alert

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911 Cancer

Best Wishes to All 911 Cancer Patients and Their Families!

Cancer Pen Could Detect Tumors During Surgery in Seconds

A handheld “pen” can detect cancer cells within seconds, speeding up diagnosis and helping surgeons more accurately remove tumors, researchers reported Wednesday. The probe works in real time, and is at least as accurate as removing a tissue sample and sending it to a pathologist, the team at the University of Texas at Austin reported….

Labor Day Inspiration

Here is labor day inspiration video: https://youtu.be/5ZUxRHzMLKc Happy Labor Day!

September Cancer Awareness!

September is Cancer Awareness for the Following Cancers: Childhood Cancer Awareness Month Gynecologic Cancer Awareness Month Leukemia and Lymphoma Awareness Month Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month Prostate Cancer Awareness Month Thyroid Cancer Awareness Month Best wished for all cancer patients and families!

Acupressure, A Powerful Pure Natural Healing

According to the Traditional Chinese Medicine, there are meridian lines or energy channels where the Chi or life energy flows in the human body. Human life is full of energy through the meridian networks. Chi or the vital life energy consist of two kinds of forces, yin or negative and yang or positive. In the…