Active Anti-Cancer Components in Food

The active anti-cancer components in food contain a variety of phytochemicals, vitamins, minerals, fiber, and antioxidants. Antioxidants are important anti-cancer components and are believed to protect cells from “free radicals”, which are harmful oxygen molecules. Free radicals may cause damage to cells, possibly resulting in cancer. Antioxidants may help prevent the formation of carcinogens, block…

Anti-Cancer Snack

Here are some examples of anti-cancer snack Apple plum pie Baby carrots Nuts Popcorn Raisin Red pepper strips Soy shake with blueberries and flax Soy shake with peaches and flax Vanilla yogurt with raspberries and flax Whole grain crackers

Anti-Cancer Drink

Here are some examples of anti-cancer drink Apple cider Blueberry smoothie Green goodie smoothie Green tea Green tea smoothie Mixed berry banana smoothie Orange juice Red wine Water

Anti-Cancer Fruit and Salad

Here are some examples of anti-cancer fruit and salad Broccoli or cauliflower with sesame salt Citrus basil salad Cucumber, mango, and spinach salad Grapefruit Green salad with pineapple Green salad with a little lemon juice or flavored vinegar Hot or cold beet salad Kiwi strawberry salad Spinach salad with orange, radicchio, and sesame Broccoli salad…

Anti-Cancer Soup Menu

Here are examples of anti-cancer soup Carrot and red pepper soup Cream of broccoli soup Curried sweet potato soup Lentil soup Tomato soup with white beans

Anti-Cancer Lunch Menu

Here are examples of anti-cancer lunch menu: Bean burritos Beans with kale Black beans with ginger and lemon Mashed grains and cauliflower Red bean wraps Soybean vegetarian casserole Steamed redskin potatoes Sweet potato pudding Tapioca pudding Vegetable mix with tofu and whole grain pasta Veggie Burger Whole baked sweet potato with salsa Kick cancer with…

Anti-Cancer Breakfast Menu

Here are some examples of anti-cancer breakfast: Fruited breakfast quinoa Gingerbread Omelet with fresh herbs and veggies Soy shake with blackberries Soy shake with raspberries Whole wheat bagel Whole wheat bread with olive oil-butter spread Kick cancer with anti-cancer food!

Pfizer Cancer Drug Assistance Program

Access to medicines is a cornerstone of Pfizer’s commitment to healthcare. For more than 25 years, Pfizer has helped patients in need with assistance and information, so they can get access to the Pfizer medicines prescribed by their doctors. During the last five years alone, Pfizer helped 2.5 million uninsured and underinsured patients gain access…

President Trump Donates $10,000 to Volunteer Whose Father Has Cancer

Shane Bouvet, 24, a Trump campaign volunteer, was invited by president Trump to attend his inauguration. Bouvet is a FedEx driver and his dad is battling cancer. He met with Trump backstage at Thursday night’s inaugural concert at the Lincoln Memorial. Trump called Bouvet’s father at the show and gave best wishes to his father….

Hello Kcancer Friends,

Welcome to the website. We close the door to the past, open the door to the future, and start a new chapter with fully planned Kcancer activities in the 2017. The 2017 Kcancer Hero nomination is officially announced. You have the chance to nominate someone with significant accomplishment on kicking cancer activities. During 2017,…