kill germs in your car

Sanitize Your Car

Many people suffer from covid-19, but don’t know where they get the virus. According to many researches, cars are the key sources of the germs. There are reports that the average steering wheels has four times more germs on it than that of typical public toilet seat. We use car for everything, shopping, transporting kids…

meditation is good for longevity

Meditation and Longevity

It is no doubt that meditation improves your life spam and helps you to achieve your longevity goal. Everyone is indeed practicing some kinds of meditation, even though some of you are not aware of it. Mediation is elusive to define and the practice varies widely in different traditions and cultures. It is a powerful…

how to improve brain power

How To Improve Your Brain Power

Brain is the most powerful organ in the human body. There is unlimited capacity our brain can reach. From idea generation to idea execution, brain is in the central control. You all wish that you could get more done in a shorter amount of time and come up with unique solutions to problems that you…