The CTFO CBD Product Lines

The benefits of Cannabidiol (CBD) oil are now well documented. The 2018 Farm Bill legalizes the use of CBD and lays a solid foundation for explosive growth of CBD oil use for many disease conditions, from anxiety, to muscle aches and epilepsy …

Changing The Future Outcome (CTFO) is a US based company that specializes in CBD hemp oil products. The company is founded by Stuart Finger.

Stuart Finger, ceo and president of change the future outcome (CTFO)
Stuart Finger, Founder of CTFO

CTFO sources hemp from Industrial hemp farms that produce the richest, CBD Hemp in the US. The CBD is produced from current Good Manufacture Practice (cGMP) certified facilities, is completely isolated through CO2 extraction and crystal precipitation, and is of the highest grade, pesticide free, non-GMO hemp in the world.

The products are test in the third-party laboratory. You are free to obtain the test results for the CBD products you purchase.

The CTFO CBD product line is made up of various creams, drops and edibles and fit into four main product categories: CBD for health, CBD for anti-aging, CBD for nutrition and CBD for pets. There are hundreds of products and here we list some products for your references.

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CBD for Health

CBD for health products consists of CBD oil drops that help for general health and wellness, such as enhancing energy levels, decreasing anxiety, improving digestion and boosting your immune system among others.

CBD Oil Drops

Support healthy blood sugar level

Promote healthy energy level

Relieve anxiety

Aid in digestion

Support optimal immune function and the regeneration of healthy cells as well as promote a sense of serenity and overall well-being

Suggested Use: 20 drops (1/2 dropper) in the morning and 20 drops in the evening, more if desired

Drop onto your tongue or use in food & drinks

Contains 50 servings of high potency Industrial Hemp per bottle

10xPure Full Spectrum CBD Oil Drops

Hydrophilic, making it easily absorbed into the body

Accelerated and increased absorption

Act as an anti-bacterial and prebiotic

Support healthy blood sugar levels

Promote healthy energy levels

Relieve anxiety

Aid in digestion

Support optimal immune function and the regeneration of healthy cells

Promote a sense of serenity and overall well-being

Each bottle contains 50 servings of Pure CBD Hemp Oil and 10XPure which can be used twice daily

Drops should be applied under the tongue.

10 x pure CBD

Ultimate Deep Healing Pain Cream with Emu Oil

Contains Emu Oil relieving aches and pains

Help to deeply penetrate the toughest aches and sores.

Apply as needed to problem areas

Great for chronic conditions!

CTFO Pain Free-Ze Rub

A topical analgesic that uses cold therapy (Cryotherapy) to “freeze” away pain

Help melt away tension related to sore muscles

Contains menthol to help penetrate quickly and offer non-addictive targeted relief at the point of pain

Apply areas experiencing pain or soreness

Great for arthritis, back pain, sore muscles and joints

Long lasting for all day relief

Experience the soothing comfort of being pain free

CTFO Roll on Pain Rub

Roll-on applicator for on-the-go relief

A topical analgesic blended with 100 mg of CBD isolate

Help soothe minor muscle aches and joint pains

Contains a menthol and uses cold therapy (Cryotherapy) to help penetrate quickly

Offer non-additive, targeted relief at the point of pain

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CBD for Anti-aging

CBD for anti-aging products consist of products that can be applied to alleviate aging associated conditions, such as hair loss, wrinkles, and dark eye cycles.

CBD Vitamin C anti-aging serum

A powerful antioxidant

Help slow down the effects of age on skin by preventing free radical damage

Help to relieve dry skin, fine lines, and wrinkles

Promote the production of collagen

Help to reverse time’s effect on skin by restoring its natural firmness

Provide a boost in sunscreen and UV protection.

Anti-aging CBD

CTFO Insta-Lift Instant Wrinkle Remover

Help stimulating cell growth and filling in wrinkles within minutes

Help reducing existing wrinkles and preventing their future formation.

Reinvigorate the skin’s youthful process of both collagen and elastin production.

Help skin retain moisture for ultimate rejuvenation.

CTFO Anti-aging moisturizing cream

Reduce wrinkles up to 45% and fight the signs of aging

Prevent free radical damage

Boost skin’s hydration and suppleness

Blended with Hyaluronic Acid, helping to boost skin’s hydration and suppleness, while plumping fine lines and wrinkles to fortify its natural moisture barrier.

Help restoring skin’s natural and healthy complexion.

Great for all skin types including dry & sensitive skin

CTFO anti-aging cream with apple stem cells

Promote the longevity of skin cells

Reduce wrinkle and fine lines

Apple stem cells are rich in epigenetic factors and metabolites

CTFO neck and decollete anti-aging cream

Help in the production of hyaluronic acid which helps to hydrate the skin and reduce fine lines and wrinkles around the neck area

Help to restore softness, firmness, and youthful look

Help with skin elasticity

CTFO overnight skin rejuvenator

Reduce fine lines and wrinkles for more youthful looking skin

Help to accelerate surface cell regeneration

Ultra moisturizing formula and promotes smoother and softer skin

CTFO collagen retinol anti-aging cream

With retinol the active ingredient

Help to reverse visible signs of aging

CBD oil is a powerful antioxidant to help repair and prevent radical damage

Improve overall texture and complexion of skin

CTFO ultra moisturizing body

Formulated with organic ingredients

Absorb easily and quickly

Nourish dry skin

CTFO anti-aging under eye cream

Reduce dark circles, fine lines and wrinkles

Anti-inflammation properties help to reduce puffiness

Revive the skin and helps your youthful look shine through

CTFO daily facial cleaner

Lightweight formula cleans deep and replenishes with natural extracts

Leave your skin refreshing

Penetrate deep into pores and nourishes

Smooths into skin for deeper hydration

CTFO facial toner

Natural extracts help tone with the skin

Promote clean and refreshing skin

Provide skin with moisturizing nutrients

Formulated with pure CBD hemp oil isolate

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CBD for Nutrition

CBD for nutrition products consists of edibles, oral sprays and capsules designed to improve mental and physical well-being, such as reducing stress and losing weight.

CTFO total wellness capsules

Pain relief and help with muscle spasms

Promote relaxation and better health

Help reduce anxiety, nicotine craving, aids in digestion, and helps inhibit cell growth and inhibit cell grow

CTFO Pain Relief oral spray

Help with pain and reduce nausea and muscle spasms

Help relieve canker sores, cheek bites, and pain from dentures or sores

On the go package for on the go relief.

CTFO weight loss oral spray

Help control appetite and increase metabolism

Nutrients absorbed almost instantly

A natural substance in this CBD product, ‘Garcina Cambogia extract, helps you lose weight quickly.

Energy blast and focus oral spray

Contains a blend of optimum vitamin B12, A , and D for blast of optimum energy

Nutrient absorbed instantly for assisting in greater impact and energy

Promote a greater focus with natural ingredients

CBD for energy

CTFO sleep support oral spray

Powerful combination of CBD oil, melatonin, valerian root, and other nutrients to help sleep

Help fight insomnia

Anti-stress relaxation oral spray

Help fight stress and relax you

Help with the negative effects of your metabolic, cardiovascular and neurobiological factors.

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CBD for Pets

CBD for pets includes treats, drops, and sprays. CBD infused shampoo aimed at reducing anxiety and helping pets live a healthier life.

CBD Natural Flavor Pet Drops

Promote daily health and wellness

CFTO pet chew treats

Reduce stress and anxiety, keep pet feeling and acting youthful

CBD pet treat

Pet Healh and wellness oral spray

Promote health and wellness

CTFO pet conditioning shampoo

Promote healthy skin and shiny fur

CTFO also provides a legitimate business opportunity. It is free to become an associate. People in the Unites States, Canada, England, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Sweden, Wales, Scotland, Wales, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Spain, France, Norway, Italy, Portugal, Austria, Switzerland and the Netherlands are Free to join with a free personalized website. This list of the countries is growing. All you have to do is share then with others. CTFO process all the CBD orders and handle all customer related issues. You just need to be ready to collect your commissions!

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Super7TM Immue Booster

CTFO is continuously adding innovative products to their product lines. The newest addition is Super7TM Immue Booster. In an era of coronavirus, we all need to have strong immunity against the virus. Super7TM is a delicious blend of the world’s 7 major Super Fruits: Amalaki, Acai, Goji, Mangosteen, Pomegranate, Blueberry and Cranberry.

While providing vitamins, antioxidants, energy, enzymes and much more, Super7TM has combined all 7 Super Fruits into a perfectly blended, synergistic immune support, rejuvenates your skin, and supports natural energy.

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Business Builder Packages

If you are serious about making money on health related business and would like to move your business forward fast, you can pick a Silver, Gold or Platinum Business Builder Pack. The Builder Packs provide you the biggest discounts with wholesale pricing and great saving for you.

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Platinum Business Builder Pack


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10 thoughts on “The CTFO CBD Product Lines

  1. This is really awesome! I’ve been hearing more and more about CBD oil and been very curious about its benefits. I have several issues it would probably be good for, so I’ve been taking note of everything I come across regarding it. Fortunately, I don’t have a history of cancer in my family, but that doesn’t mean I couldn’t get it some other way. However, I do have issues with back pain, anxiety and excess weight. I’m going to save a link to this page for future reference and pass it on to a friend who could also use it. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Dear Mark,

      Thanks for stopping by. CBD is best for pain and psychological management. It should help your back pain, anxiety, and overweight. When you use it, start from low dose, gradually increase the dose until you fine the optimal dose for your conditions.

  2. Hi Kcancer! It is interesting to know that the use of CBD has been legalized and also its growth encouraged. For the fact that CBD oil can be used in curing/managing diseases conditions like anxiety, muscle aches, epilepsy, then it is a welcome development. Wow! I never knew that CBD products can be categorized into  health, anti-aging, nutrition and CBD for pets. Thanks for painstakingly explaining these categories, it is quite informative and helpful.

    1. Dear Gracen,

      Thanks for stopping by. The classification of CBD products here is just based on CTFO CBD products. So far there is no standard classification. With development of CBD research, a scientific method will be available for CBD product classification.


  3. Good piece. Its good to see how our health can be improved with the latest discoveries in health sciences. I’m impressed to see that Cancer can also be treated with some CBD oil. I think the reason everyone is promoting this product is because of its effectiveness. All that US government has legalised it. Most other countries in the world have not accepted it but I Hope other countries will legalise it to be able to withdraw.

    1. Dear Tsquare,

      So far there is no proof that CBD could cure cancers, but it can be used to treat cancer related symptoms, such as pain and anxiety etc. To use it for cancer treatment, CBD has to pass clinical trial, which will take some time to complete. We are going to witness this magic product to be approved for cancer treatment.

      As the development in the CBD field, more and more countries may legalize the CBD. Good things should be shared by the whole world.

      Thanks for sharing your thought



  4. I find it hard to believe the benefits of Cannabidiol are well documented. It usually takes years of studies and clinical trials to assess health benefits. There may be anecdotal testimonials as to the effectiveness of Cannabidiol. But that’s hardly proof. As a nutritional supplement, the FDA is involved and they don’t move as fast as this industry has been moving. CBD is classified as a Schedule 1 drug by the DEA. So that makes it illegal to sell online in the United States. (I have relatives who work for the DEA.) But given the flow of narcotics into the U.S. across the southern border, I doubt the DEA has the resources to address illegal CBD sales online. Just sayin’.

    1. Dear Glen,

      Thank you very much for your insight on CBD. DEA stands for Drug Enforcement Administration. You are right that CBD is classified as Schedule 1 drug, same as the most addictive substance like narcotics, but this is subjected to change, since CBD has no any psychological side effects.

      CBD has been using for medical conditions for thousands of years all over the world, which is widely documented. The studies you mentioned are modern medicine and may not be applied to this herb extracts. Theoretically, if the substance has no toxicity and is effective, it should be fine to use. It seems we are waiting big pharma to patent the products and make it as real drug and we are going to pay high price for it.

      Any way, it is interesting to see development of CBD business in the future.


  5. I have been researching CBD oil and the multitude of uses it has for some time. My primary issue is chronic neck pain following a car accident a few years ago. I am super excited that it is now being legalized in many countries and the stigma around using it is decreasing rapidly. 

    I may have missed it in your article but are the THC levels in the CTFO CBD products and which product I should focus on for pain relief?



    1. Dear Ian,

      Based on reports, CBD is best suit for pain management. All CBD products from CTFO has THC level below 0.3%. CBD is the material that has the capacity of pain relief.

      Please let us know the outcome of your use of CBD.

      Good luck with your pain management.


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