Meditation and Longevity

It is no doubt that meditation improves your life spam and helps you to achieve your longevity goal. Everyone is indeed practicing some kinds of meditation, even though some of you are not aware of it.

Mediation is elusive to define and the practice varies widely in different traditions and cultures. It is a powerful way to reduce stress, promote relaxation and boost memory, concentration, and mood, and help you live a happier and longer life.

meditation is good for longevity

Here are some simple techniques to practice meditation using your eyes, noses, breathes, mouth, ears, and most importantly, your thought.

  1. Find a quite and private area, turn all of the lights off and sit or lay comfortably on your bed.
  2. Close your eyes.
  3. Take a very deep breath, inhale through your nose and slowly exhale through your mouth.
  4. Focus on these two simple exercises, close eyes and deep breath, particularly on your breathing and disconnect from every thought of the world. Forget what you are, but breath, become part of the universe and feel its power in your own mind.
  5. After practicing, you will soon become a master of your breathing control. You will begin to use your breathing and find a flow state of focus where you are at your creative peak. You will be able to add the best of your life experience into your meditation:
    • The most beautiful scenery you have ever seen
    • The best food you have ever tasted
    • The best sound you have ever heard
    • Any things you like the best

With this, you will certainly enjoy the best of everything, anytime, and anywhere at your will. Once this level of focus has been unlocked you will be able to maximize the results of your effort in life and your longevity is easy for you to reach.

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