Hydrazine Sulfate for Cancer Treatment

1. Backgroud
Cachexia, or body wasting, is one of the major signs of advanced cancers. The causes of cachexia are: 1. Reduction in food intake; 2. Metabolic changes caused by cancer. It is known that cancer cells stimulate glucogenesis, an important factor contributing to cancer cachexia. Dr. Joseph Gold proposed to use hydrazine sulfate for treating cachexia in cancer patients.

2. How Hydrazine Sulfate Works
Hydrazine sulfate interrupts the ability of the liver to convert lactic acid from tumors into glucose, thereby stops glucogenesis cycle, reduce cachexia, limits the ability of tumors to take in glucose, starve the tumors and inhibit their ability to metastasize.

Here is the suggested hydrazine sulfate usage:

1) 60 mg every day for the first three days.
2) 60 mg twice a day for the next three days.
3) 60 mg three times a day thereafter.

3. Safety
Hydrazine sulfate is generally safe when used with prescribed dose. Since it is a monoamine oxidase inhibitor, don’t use together with alcohol, sleeping pills and other psycho-active drugs.

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