Nude and Health

July 14 is National Nude Day, a day dedicated to celebrating the benefit of naturism. The practice of naturism is thousands of years old. Modern National Nude Day originates from New Zealand.

Naturism offers a unique combination of recreational activity, social engagement, healthy lifestyle, and environmental philosophy all rolled into one. The national nude day re-connect with the environment, creates a sense of community with other naturists, and boosts feelings of liberation and self-esteem.

Human body is healthy and most beautiful in its natural state. Going nude outdoors is beneficial to your health and decreases the risk of certain diseases.

Some obvious benefits of the lifestyle include: lighter luggage when traveling for vacation, smaller loads of laundry, and clothing cost reduction.

Without the shields of clothing, the wrinkles and sagging that comes with time cannot be camouflaged. It is easy to realize the true state of your body.

You are going to expose your self to the sun, which is the best source of vitamin D and improve skin, bone and organ health.

With clothes, you tend to sweat more, which breeds bacteria and increases your risk of infections. When naked, you allow your body air dry, reducing you risk of infection.

Clothes that are tight around the groin region can constrict blood blow to the genitalia, which reduce both sperm quality and count and increase the risk of fertility problem.

Bra, underwear and tight pants etc. Put pressure on your body and reduce your body circulation. Taking off these clothes allows you to enjoy the blood circulation.

The changes in your breast size lead to early diagnosis of breast cancer. Color change of your skin assist in the identification of melanoma early.

You become more comfortable in your skin. Your body image will change for better. You see yourself in a positive way.

We are living a fast-moving world and pressure are coming from all face of our life. Nude let us to relieve and refresh our whole body from the pressures of modern life.

perform yoga nude
Nude Yoga

Since 2015, a nude yoga girl, #NYGyoga, has been sharing nude self-portraits on social media. The images capture diverse body shapes and challenge yoga pose. The images are honest and real, and document her journey toward self-love. The nude pictures are more than just actual photo and they connect her body in a true natural way.

There are so many benefits being nude. It sounds like good reasons to get naked.

As matter of fact, we all practice some kind of nude already. We take showers and walk around bathroom and bedroom naked. Some of us spend some time nude in our own home, opening the windows and letting some sunlight and fresh air in. Some have a private backyard and walk naked in your backyard.

By spending a few hours naked while at home, you gradually become comfortable performing activities such as just wandering the house, grabbing a snack, drinking some water, and using the bathroom while nude, you may proceed to embracing nudism in public.

If you really want to get into the spirit of National Nude Day, find a friend to join you. Naturism is a social activity and naturists are very sociable people.

So you are ready now, go to Google and look for nudist resorts in your area. These secluded areas are basically parks where everyone is nude. While they usually have an admission fee, sometimes they offer free days. This is a controlled environment, where club rules ensure that standards of hygiene and behavior are observed. The area will be screened from privacy, and members are generally welcoming to newbies.

Nude beaches are more common than nude resorts. Plus, you’ll get the chance to go skinny-dipping. However, there’s less enforcement of rules than at an official resort, and other nude beach-goers may be less likely to chat with a newcomer because they’re there to sunbathe or swim, not to make friends. Make sure that it’s an official (i.e sanctioned by the authorities) nude beach.

There are private club organizing naturist groups in your area. These clubs organize naturist trips to local private pools and saunas and are usually welcoming to first-timers.

If you want to learn more about Naturism, here are some reference books.

The Complete Guide to Nudism, Naturism & Nudists: Everything you need to know about nudism (And why you should try it!)

The Complete Guide to Nudism, Naturism & Nudists tells you everything you need to know about nudism and nudists. It’s crammed full of the information, facts, experiences and insider tips that you’ll find invaluable if you want to enter, or just explore, this exotic and fashionable lifestyle.

Whether you’re an experienced nudist, a nudist “wannabe” looking for guidance, a holiday-maker looking for a vacation with a difference, a student of “alternative” lifestyles and therapies, a casual browser after a fascinating read or just someone trying to keep abreast of the latest trends in a fast moving world, this book is for you.

A Cultural History of American Nudism

In 1929, a small group of men and women threw off their clothes and began to exercise in a New York City gymnasium, marking the start of the American nudist movement. While countless Americans had long enjoyed the pleasures of skinny dipping or nude sunbathing, nudists were the first to organize a movement around the idea that exposing the body corrected the ills of modern society and produced profound benefits for the body as well as the mind.

Naked gives a vibrant, detailed account of the American nudist movement and the larger cultural phenomenon of public nudity in the United States. The book traces the debates about distinguishing deviant sexualities from morally acceptable display, the legal processes that helped bring about the dramatic changes in sexuality in the 1960s and 1970s, as well as the explosion in eroticism that has increasingly defined the modern American consumer economy. Drawing on a colorful collection of nudist materials, films, and magazines, Naked exposes the social, cultural, and moral assumptions about nakedness and the body normally hidden from view and behind closed doors.

Naked At Lunch

People have been getting naked in public for reasons other than sex for centuries. From stories of ancient Greek athletes slathered in olive oil to the millions of Germans who fled the cities for a naked frolic during the Weimar Republic to American soldiers given “naturist” magazines by the Pentagon in the interest of preventing sexually transmitted diseases, this book uncovers nudism’s amusing and provocative past.

2 thoughts on “Nude and Health

  1. Thank you for this post.  I actually had no idea that there was a national nude day.

    I sleep in the nude, hit the hot tub in the nude and, until recently, rammed the house in the nude.  I say until recently because we’ve moved my mother-in-law in so…

    Sadly, I don’t spend much time outside in the nude and have mixed feelings about exposing my skin to the sun.  It offers benefits but  also hazards.  I haven’t really considered all of the benefits you e listed here such as how the clothes can be restrictive and reduce blood flow, etc.

    Thank you again,


    1. Thanks for stopping by. I lived in Sweden for 6 years and one of the most impressive thing to me is that Swedes love sun. It seemed to me everyone there loved sun bath. Many people walked along naked naturally. It was so beautiful and I missed such scenery very much.

      You are right we need to be careful about the potential damage to our skin while exposing sun. First, you should have limited time day and second, you need to wear sun-protection cream.

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