World Cancer Day 2019 – I Am and I Will

Today, February 4, is the World Cancer Day. The theme for 2019 is “I am and I will” and it is all about take action against the deadly diseases.

Everyone is encouraged to raise the awareness and to take action for cancer prevention, early detection, and treatment.

The estimated number of deaths due to cancer in 2018 was about 10 million, which amounts to about 26,000 deaths a day. This number is expected to increase as environmental stresses increase, air quality worsens, lifestyles and eating habits deteriorate.

World Cancer Day was founded by the Union for International Cancer Control (UICC) to support the goals mentioned in the World Cancer Declaration, 2008. The day aims at educating people about cancer, raise awareness and reduce stigma thus trying to deal with misinformation. Various programs and events will be held across the globe on World Cancer Day 2019 to raise awareness about cancer prevention, diagnosis, and treatment.

World Cancer Day is the only day on the global health calendar where we can all unite and rally under the one banner of cancer in a positive and inspiring way. It is a chance to reflect on what you can do, make a pledge and take action. Whatever you choose to do ‘I am and I will’ make a difference to the fight against cancer.

I take actions to prevent cancers and understand the dangers of carcinogens:

  • Physical carcinogens, such as ultraviolet and ionizing radiations.
  • Biological carcinogens, such as certain bacteria, viruses and parasites.
  • Chemical carcinogens, such as synthetic products created by industry, components of smoke, pesticide residues, and chemicals used in the food industry etc.

Apart from the above, there are some factors which increase cancer risk, including increasing age, stressful lifestyle, low fruit and vegetable intake, use of tobacco and alcohol, chronic infections, and overweight.

I understand that there are some food items that help in preventing the growth of cancer cells. These include turmeric, garlic, citrus fruits, berries, tomatoes, purple-red fruits and veggies, high-fiber whole grains, nuts seeds, beans, and leafy veggies etc. Regular consumption of these can help reduce cancer risk.

I take action to ensure early detection, screening, and diagnosis of cancer, since I know this will significantly improve survival rates and quality of life as well as significantly reduce the cost and complexity of cancer treatment. When a cancer is detected at an early stage and coupled with appropriate treatment, the chance of survival beyond five years is dramatically higher than when detected at a later stage when the tumor has spread and the disease is more advanced.

I take initiatives to help those with cancer and participate in activity of NoHairSelfie. It is a global movement that encourages “hairticipants” to shave their heads as a symbol of courage for those undergoing the treatment. One can both opt to physically shave their heads or virtually showcase it and share it on social media. NoHairSelfie is then shared on social media making this fun and supportive activity for cancer survivor.

No Hair Selfie

In this special day and days after, will you take actions to against cancer? Yes, you are and you will. Please share your cancer fighting stories below.

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