Tom Marsiljie, cancer fighter and hero, died of colon cancer

On Tuesday, November 14, 2017 at 12:15 pm, Dr. Tom Marsilje exited this world to be elevated into his next. Per Tom’s direct specifications, Becky Keller, President of The Gloria Borges WunderGlo Foundation, will be delivering Tom’s final blog post with his most important messages to leave with everyone to remember him by, prioritize, and embody for your own life’s greatest personal meaning. As Tom might say…..’Stay Tuned, Folks for my upcoming blog post, later on today – It’s a Biggie!’

Despite all that Tom did as a patient, scientist, and advocate, he always kept in focus what truly matters most. At the core of his being, Tom was, above all else, a soldier of courage and generosity who lived his life in service, with his life’s greatest joy and gratitude directed to being the beloved father to his precious daughters, Amelie and Eleni. We ask that you keep his wife, Veronica, daughters Amelie and Eleni, his sister, Anne, and all of his family and friends in your hearts and prayers.

Although today, we are filled with great sorrow, we are also overflowing with grateful hearts that Tom Marsilje undoubtedly fills.

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