Kcancer Expands Discussion on Chronic Conditions

Founded in 2004, Kcancer initiated its efforts on the social network for cancer patients and created a rendezvous where cancer patients and their loved ones could interact, communicate, generate and harness the power of cancer knowledge to start the healing journey. During the years operation, Kcancer accumulated huge amount of data, which clearly indicates that besides the conventional cancer treatments, such as surgery, radiation and chemotherapy, cancer patients in the Kcancer social network paid even more attention to alternative and complementary cancer treatments. There are numerous cancer patients who showed us the exciting stories fighting cancer with integrative approaches with surprisingly satisfactory outcome.

In addition to cancer, patients discussed wide ranges of chronic diseases, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, back pain, hemorrhoid and overweight issues etc. With advancement in cancer prevention, diagnosis, and treatment, most cancer become chronic and cancer patients live with other chronic conditions, which become essential parts of discussion themes.

Kcancer continue to provide platform for discussion on advancement of cancer research, such as cancer immunotherapy and cancer gene therapy and welcome conversation on any cancer relevant topics and other chronic diseases areas. Together, we are going to build a healthier society.

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