Season’s Greeting!

Hi Kcancer Friends,

The Chapter of 2017 is closing and 2018 is approaching! At this turning point, Kcancer thank all friends for your supports during 2017. Our particular thanks go to cancer patients, who shared so many cancer-fighting stories with us. Your fighting against cancers is the energy sources that fuel Kcancer’s persistent work against the deadly diseases.

During the past year, we were inspired by the stories after stories which demonstrated the spirit against the number one cancer killer, lung cancer. With help of lung cancer patients, we realize the importance of dealing with the root cause of the disease. Smoking is number one cause of lung cancer. After one year preparation, we successfully launched our smoking and lung cancer website: 

We employ rebrand smoking method and classify smoking as toxic and non-toxic brands based on the current technology and knowledge. We advise smokers to use the non-toxic brands, although there is no safe smoking brand and the “non-toxic” is just relevant term.

In 2018, Kcancer will focus on the smoking, lung cancer,  and lung health issues, which are the critical factors for lung cancer control.

Season’s Greeting and Warmest Wishes to You All!

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