Quit & Alternative Smoking Strategies #WorldLungCancerDay @kcancer

Different people have different reasons to quit smoking. The reason is not important. What is important is that you have taken the decision to quit smoking. This is a huge achievement. Meanwhile, don’t spoil it by rushing to the end without walking all the way. You need to establish your own strategies and to prepare and educate yourself to succeed in quitting smoking.

Smoking has played a long term and significant role in your life for many years, and breaking that physical and emotional tie is not something that will happen without effort and discomfort. Nevertheless, as you become more prepared to let go of an unhealthy way of living in exchange for a healthy lifestyle you can expect the process to become easier. Quitting is the easy part – you just stop. It’s the preparations you take before you quit that determines if you’ll be successful or not. So make sure you have all the data you need before you try and you will be the success you want to be.

In the subsequent chapters of this book, all known quitting smoking methodologies are discussed. Please review individual programs and compare them. Judge each program on the basis of the steps you need to follow. After thorough comparison, pick your favorite program.

The last bit of advice is to determine a specific day that you’ll quit smoking. It will aid you if you pick out a day of the month that may be important to you personally, something equivalent to a birthday or an anniversary. You can also choose New Year’s Day, because it’s significant as a fresh starting point. Whatever date you choose, stick to it and you’ll be free from tobacco smoking forever.

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