Rebrand Smoking: Options for Quit and Alternative Smoking

The era that smoking cigarettes make you look sexy, help you relax, and lift your spirits is definitely vanishing. But this doesn’t mean it is the end of tobacco smoking. We still have long way to go. Historically, even death penalty had negligent effect on stopping smokers from smoking. In contrary, Repressive measures seem to have aroused a spirit of popular rebellion and helped to increase the use of tobacco. It is no doubt that the traditional tobacco smoking has significant negative impacts on individual smokers and society, and should be banned. However, to some smokers, life seems not worth living without smoking. It is apparent that tobacco smoking delivers special something which can’t be obtained from anywhere else. That special something is nicotine, a stimulant, which causes the body to release pleasurable chemicals, such as, acetylcholine, dopamine, endorphins, enkephalins, epinephrine, norepinephrine, and serotonin etc. These chemicals generate high effects in human body, which is the true reason why people like tobacco smoking.

Smokers are now fortunately to have numerous alternatives to enjoy the healthy magic exciting nicotine, and avoid the thousands of toxins and carcinogens from combustible tobacco. It is possible to create nicotine effect or supply nicotine in a large variety of formulae:

  • Natural Methods, such as acupressure and hypnosis
  • Semi-Natural Methods, such as acupuncture and herb
  • Nicotine Supplement Products, such as nicotine gum and nicotine lozenge
  • Alternative Smokes, such as smokeless tobacco and electronic cigarette

Therefore, smoking should be rebranded as toxic brand and non-toxic brand. It is smoker’s right to use the non-toxic brand and enjoy the stimulating gift from nature.

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