Life is Good!

Brenda Frey,  a breast cancer survivor from Houston, said her breast cancer journey has been energized by the power of prayer and a positive outlook. “Life isn’t easy. Life isn’t perfect. Life is good.” she said, “It is hard. Life is hard. You just can’t sit back and let others do everything for you.”

Frey said her faith gave her strength during treatment, and beyond, along with a positive attitude. She took advantage of the hospital’s amenities for cancer patients, including the Cancer Care Center’s massage therapy services. “My body is a thing of pain, but I deal with it. If you tell me what is wrong, I can deal with it,” she said. “People need to know their body. When something’s not right, doesn’t seem right, bring it up to the doctor.”

Self-advocacy also is important, Frey said. “You have to be your own advocate. You have to make sure that your questions, your concerns are addressed,” she said. “A question is not dumb. It is dumb if you don’t ask it. Write the questions down.”

Life is good, let’s have good spirits!

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