Celebrities Suffered Glioblastoma

It is the second time that glioblastoma has inserted itself at a pivotal time in the history of the Obamacare. Yesterday, July 24, 2017, about one week after his glioblastoma surgery, Sen. John McCain tweeted: “look forward to returning to Senate tomorrow to continue work on health care reform…”, indicating that the votes to pass motion to debate on repelling Obamacare.

Sen. Ted Kennedy was diagnosed with glioblastoma in May 2008 and did not work for the first 6 months while he received treatment. Coming back to the US Capitol after President Barack Obama’s election, Kennedy, despite his cancer and quickly failing health, was a vocal advocate for the push to get the Obamacare passed.

Beau Biden, son of former vice president Joe Biden, was died of glioblastoma at age 46. His death inspired the creation of Cancer Moonshot program.

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