Cancer – A Gift from God

God, the king of universe, is in control of all that happens to us, both good and bad. Cancer is designed by God and is a gift from God. Since God is infinitely wise, it is right to call the cancer design with purpose. God creates a human being with 10 trillion cells, from which 600,000 cells are selected to become cancer cells every day, and only few of the 600,000 cancer cells further develop into cancer. The complexities of cancer are beyond human being’s comprehension. However, God foresees molecular developments leading to cancer, he can turn on or off at his will. If he chose not to turn it off, he does have a purpose.

Being diagnosed with cancer can be the best thing that has ever happened to us, since cancer actually save our life. Having cancer is a life changing experience that will grant us eternal life. We learn how to surpass death. We are about to be put on a journey that is full of love, peace and understanding beyond our comprehension. We will receive an abundance of wisdom and knowledge from God.

Love is always God’s highest purpose. Cancer let us to learn his finest and most joyous lessons as we find small ways to express concern for others even when we are most weak. A great, life-threatening weakness can prove amazingly freeing. Cancer guides us to love each other deeply. Cancer creates a sincerely affectionate and caring heart for people.

We are terrified of facing death. We are obsessed with medicine and idolized youth, health and energy. We try to hide any signs of weakness or imperfection. Cancer brings huge blessing to us by living openly, believingly and lovingly within our weaknesses.

We will all die. We may get a heart of wisdom, if we are required to number our days. Numbering our days means thinking about how few there are and that they will end. Illness can sharpen our awareness of how thoroughly God has already and always been at work in every detail of our life.

 Cancer is designed to destroy the appetite for sin. Pride, greed, lust, hatred, unforgiveness, impatience, laziness, procrastination—all these are the adversaries that cancer is meant to attack.

God uses different individuals, from all walks of life to guide his lost sheep back to the universal order. There are no specific qualifications needed when the God chooses one to be a voice for all who suffer in the darkness of this world full of light. God chooses you to go with him with a purpose. He wants you to make impossible thing possible. He wants you to make miracle. If he wants you to leave the earth, he does have much more important assign for you somewhere else.

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  1. If we heard about Cancer we always felt so nervous for this is an illness that is in doubt to make us okay or not but I think this will also be a challenge to everyone.

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