Laughing Medicine: I Wish I Had Cancer

Little Johnny wakes up on Christmas morning, runs downstairs and is greeted by his parents and hundreds of presents under the tree. “Oh Wow!” cries Little Johnny as he starts tearing away at all the wrapping paper. Little Johnny is so excited as he opens the presents. He has a brand new BMX, a skateboard, a playstation, a brand new PC, a scooter, a climbing frame – everything a little boy would want. When he finishes opening all the presents, Little Johnny asks his parents if he can go round to Little Timmy’s house to tell him about all the wonderful presents he got. “Of course you can Little Johnny, off you go, but be back before dinner!” So off Little Johnny goes, and gets to Little Timmy’s house. “Oh Timmy! This is the best Christmas EVER! I got a playstation, a BMX, a new computer – everything I could ever want!” “Oh you are so lucky”, replies Little Timmy, “I wish I had cancer.”

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