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According to the Traditional Chinese Medicine, there are meridian lines or energy channels where the Chi or life energy flows in the human body. Picture below show the major meridian lines.



Human life is full of energy through the meridian networks. Chi or the vital life energy consist of two kinds of forces, yin or negative and yang or positive. In the healthy human body, yin and yang balance is maintained. Diseases are results of disturbance of yin and yang balance and blockage in the energy flow of these channels.

To alleviate illness, one way is to stimulate the pressure points around the meridian lines. The pressure points are the critical sites where life energy passes through. Acupressure employs gentle yet firm pressure on the selected points, which allows energy flowing smoothly and harmoniously, re-establishes yin and yang balance, and maintain healthy human body.

Figure below shows example of hand acupressure points for asthma.

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